Declining cost of photovoltaic power generation drives the pace of deployment of solar PV
Date:2023-12-26 Topics : Company Dynamics

generation has promoted the pace of deployment of solar photovoltaics. In many countries, the cost of distributed photovoltaic power generation is already lower than the retail electricity price,It is reported that the project is currently being developed by the Qinghai Photovoltaic Industry Innovation Center of the State Power Investment Corporation. The project aims at the recycling technology of decommissioned crystalline silicon solar cell components, forming a process based on "mechanical dismantling, thermal cutting, selective separation, pyrolysis, and wet purification." " as the core process technology route, compiled a complete crystalline silicon solar cell module recycling industrialization equipment integration plan, and built a comprehensive recycling glass, aluminum frame, junction box (cable), silicon, welding strip in Xining Economic and Technological Development Zone 30 MW pilot line for main products. The completion of the pilot line for component recycling has enabled SPIC to form a closed-loop system for polysilicon, silicon wafers, batteries, components, brackets, planning, design and construction of photovoltaic power stations, operation and maintenance, testing and evaluation, and component recycling.