6.8kwh~34.3kwh Three- phase home energy storage all-in-one system
Total capacity : 6.8kwh~34.3kwh
Number of battery boxes : 1~5
Nominal battery voltage : 102.4V~512V
Dimensions (W/H/D) : 650/220/1184~1400/220/1733
Device weight : 105KG~345KG
Degree of protection (as per IEC 60529):IP65
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HOME Mode S S03KH-T2 S3.6KH-T2 S4KH-T2 S5KH-T2 S6KH-T2
PV input Max. PV array power 5500wh STC 6180wh STC 6500wh STC 7500wh STC 9000wh STC
Max. input voltage 550V
MPP voltage range / rated input voltage 40V to 530V/380V
Min. input voltage / start voltage 40V/50V
No. of independent MPPT trackers / strings per MPPT input 2/(1/1)
Max. input current per MPP tracker 16A
Max. short-circuit current per MPP tracker 20A
Battery input Battery type LiFePO4
Total capacity 5kwh  10kwh  15kwh  20kwh  25kwh  30kwh 
Number of battery boxes 1 2 3 4 5 6
Nominal battery voltage 51.2V
Max. charging current / Max. discharging current 100A/100A
AC output AC voltage range / Nominal AC voltage 180 V to 280 V / 230 V
Rated AC grid frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
AC grid frequency range 50 Hz±5Hz / 60 Hz±5Hz
Rated active power 3000W 3680W 4000W 5000W 6000W
Rated apparent power 3000VA 3680VA 4000VA 5000VA 6000VA
Max. apparent power 3000VA 3680VA 4000VA 5000VA 6000VA
Rated grid output Current (@230V) 13.1A 16A 17.4A 21.7A 26.1A
Max. grid output current 13.6A 16A 18.2A 22.7A 27.1A
Harmonics THDi (@ Nominal power) < 3%
AC input Rated grid voltage a.c. 230V
Rated grid frequency 50Hz /60H
Rated apparent power 6000 VA
Max. input apparent power from grid 6000 VA
Rated input current from grid a.c. 26.1A
Max. input current from grid a.c. 27.3 A
EPS output Nominal output voltage 230 V
Nominal output frequency 50Hz /60H
Rated apparent power 5000 VA
Max. output apparent power 5000 VA
Peak output apparent power 7500 VA, 10s
Rated Current (@230V) 21.7 A
Max. output current 21.7 A
Max. switch time ≤10 ms
Output THDi (@ Linear load) <3%
Efficiency MPPT efficiency 99.90%
Euro efficiency / Max. efficiency 97% /97.6%
Max. battery to load efficiency 94.70%
Safety protection DC-side disconnection device
PV string- / Battery input reverse polarity protection ●/●
All-pole sensitive residual current monitoring unit
Anti-islanding protection
Ground fault protection
AC output over current / short circuit current protection ●/●
AC over voltage protection
Protection class (as per IEC 62109-1) /
overvoltage category (as per IEC 62109-1)
General data Power factor at rated power / adjustable displacement ≥0.99 / 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging
Dimensions (W / H / D) 550/220/998 550/220/1415 1200/220/1415 1200/220/1415 1200/220/1415
Device weight ≈84KG ≈131KG ≈182KG ≈232KG ≈282KG
Operating temperature range -25°C……+60°C
Noise emissions < 30 dB(A)
Standby consumption < 10 W
Cooling concept Natural convection
Degree of protection (as per IEC 60529 IP65
Climatic category (according to IEC 60721-3-4) 4K4H
Max. permissible value for relative humidity (non-condensing) 0~95%
Max. operating altitude 4000m (>3000m power derating)
Features User interface LED & App
Communication method RS485 / CAN/Wifi
Integrated power control / Zero export control ●/●