2.62MW Swanson Plastics ( Kunshan ) COMMERCIAL ROOFTOP PROJECTS
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▶  Vertical Integration

With decades of experience in the import and export trade supply chain of PV modules,we have deep-rooted expertise in the industry. We have a strong advantage in terms of competitive pricing and reliable supply of photovoltaic components, ensuring timelydelivery.

▶  Professional Expertise

We have cultivated a team of industry professionals with extensive experience,averaging over 10 years in the field. This allows us to leverage their deep expertise and knowledge to seamlessly connect project development, financing, risk management,technical surveys, engineering construction, and ongoing operations and maintenance.

▶  Financial Strength

We have established strong partnerships with multiple banking and financing leasing institutions in the industry. This strategic collaboration, coupled with our commitment to green finance, empowers us to support the dual carbon goals and bolster our financial capabilities.

▶  Strategic Partner